How Donations Help Veterans

Many Americans will never get to fight wars thanks to the brave men and women who already made that sacrifice. Unfortunately, the sacrifice comes at a cost and every time they come back the numbers of veterans swell. There are about 23 million American veterans presently, and most of them need your help. Making donations directly to veterans near you of through charities serving states and the country is an important way of showing gratitude to these men and women. It is also an important way you can ensure they and their families have a quality life.

How donations help Veterans one might ask? Here are some ways:

1. Getting them quality health care

Veterans coming from war carry both physical and psychological scars of the battles they engaged in. A number of them require lifetime care and support to get through their day. Many others will need long term therapies, others surgeries, and associated medication. For those battling trauma, either Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or traumatic brain injury (TBI), there is a need for regular counseling. Your donations help provide such quality health care for the veterans ensuring they can make the challenging transition back to civilian and normal day to day life.

2. Employment

The biggest challenge most veterans face when coming back from war is getting viable employment. This may be due to a lack of the skills needed to get into civilian employment, or they may be incapacitated in ways that make it difficult for them to compete with other candidates. Your donations help them get relevant training in various trades. They are also taught entrepreneurial skills and placed in networks that allow them to get employment or run their independent ventures. This gives them dignity in being able to contribute to society and care for their families.

3. Meet basic needs

The other challenges veterans face is fulfilling their daily needs especially when they have no homes to turn to. They either face a life of begging in the streets or looking for shelters that can accommodate them. Your donations help such accommodations provide a home, meals, and clothing to these veterans. Your donations can even help the veterans build their own homes and have a permanent residence. Donations can be in kind or monetary especially regarding clothes.

4. Transport and holiday treats

In their hard life whether at their own homes, in different shelters and hospitals, veterans lose some of the amenities other citizens take for granted. Such comforts include owning a vehicle, ability to visit places and go on vacations, celebrate holidays and such like occasions. Your donations make this possible whether it is volunteering to drive veterans to help centers, donating vehicles or equipment like wheelchairs or custom vehicles they need to move around comfortably.

5. Family support

Some of these veterans have families and were primary sources of income to their families. As they chance for their claims, they need to support their families. At times the claims are not enough when they have to factor in their treatment and other healthcare needs. Your donations help them support their families in basic needs and alleviate some of the financial burdens they face.

In closing

So, the messege here is to go out there and find donation centers near you to help our veterans!

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